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Experience superior painting and decorating services with Pure Perfection Painters. Our local team is dedicated to delivering impeccable finishes that enhance your property's aesthetics. Contact us today for expert painting and decorating services that will transform your interiors and exteriors.


We Fix


We Repair

Roller and Tray

We Finish

Stress free decorating

Leave it to us

You call or message

Arrange a visit

Agree a timeframe

We provide the

We clear and protect your space

Apply a professional paint finish

Leave no mess

Enjoy your new space

Why choose us?

Searching for a reliable and trustworthy decorator can be a daunting task. This is exactly why Pure Perfection Painters was created. We offer a friendly, professional and reliable service, along with providing a quality finish. Our commitment is to build trust with a client and grow our business through our reputation and confidence with the local Coventry, Nuneaton, Hinckley and Lutterworth areas.

Lawn Mower


At Pure Perfection Painters, we know there is only one way to achieve an impeccable finish with our work and that is through preparation. We prioritise your walls are as smooth as silk before we apply a single coat of paint. Our number one priority is to ensure a perfect finish every time and this comes through meticulous attention to detail with your home.

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Latest Technology

With the introduction of new water based paints, along with the latest "Paint Spraying" technology, Pure Perfection Painters can transform your home in new and exciting ways, which before would not have been possible. Contact us and our team will talk you through the various options available.

What does this mean for me?

  • Better finish

  • Reduced decorating times

  • Lower prices


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Wood / Trim Painting

Do you have difficult to paint wood and trim in your home? Pure Perfection Painters can finish your trim with the latest painter spraying technology which not only reduces costs but improves the finish and appearance of the wood detail in your home.

Contact us to discuss what we can offer for you.

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See our "Tips & Tricks" section

Things to consider when re-decorating your home

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