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Whether you've bought a new home and want a fresh coat of paint before moving in, or maybe you have you're looking to renovate an existing property and want a quick turn-around for the painting process. Pure Perfection Painters can transform your home in only 3-7 days. Being able to offer such a quick transformation in such a short time means less upheaval and lower cost.

Contact us and we can talk you through the process.


"White washing" homes is becoming increasing popular for landlords and homeowners alike. Maybe you're buying a new property and would like a refresh before moving in. Maybe you have a new tennat and want the house or flat in a good condition before hand-over. Pure Perfection Painters offer a fast turnaround at a competitive price to turnaround your home in days, rather than weeks.


"Soft white" paint to give the home a warmer feel


Fast turnaround time (days)


Latest paint and machine technology



Option for out of hours service


Fully protected ome during the process


No hassle refurbishment for the owner


How can you paint a home so quickly?

We use the latest painting technology to enable us to offer and quick transformation of your home. Whether you're moving into a new home and require a new look or, renovating your old home and want the job completing as soon as possible, Pure Perfection Painters can offer you a transformation of your home in only 3-5 days!

Whats the catch? 
There isn't one! We use the latest paint spraying technology which allows us to cover large areas in a small amount of time. This process actually leaves and improved finish over rollering or brushing which means you won't only get your home completed quickly. The finish will also be superior.

If you'd like more information on the process contact us and we will arrange a visit to discuss the details.

Lawn Mower


At Pure Perfection Painters, we know there is only one way to achieve an impeccable finish with our work and that is through preparation. We prioritise your walls are as smooth as silk before we apply a single coat of paint. Our number one priority is to ensure a perfect finish every time and this comes through meticulous attention to detail with your home.

Paint Taping Pic1.jpg

We Fix


We Repair

Roller and Tray

We Finish

Stress free decorating

Leave it to us

You call or message

Arrange a visit

Agree a timeframe

We provide the

We clear and protect your space

Apply a professional paint finish

Leave no mess

Enjoy your new space

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