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Read this before decorating your home to avoid costly mistakes

Thinking of re-decorating your home but want to avoid costly mistakes. Read on to avoid a DIY disaster. Here are our top 5 things to ensure you avoid costly mistakes and get the perfect finish.

Peeling Paint on Skirting Board

1. A new entry into number 1 is to make sure you use a primer before you paint your wood work. The current trend is for people to paint their skirting and doors in Satinwood. They go to the DIY store and pick up their water based satin wood off the shelf and paint all their woodwork. The problem is that after any small knock they see the paint peeling. This is due to the fact that you should not apply water based paints, over older style oil based paint, unless you first use a primer. Our favorite is Johnstone's Joncryl Primer but another good one might be Zinsser Bin Aqua. This creates a bond between the oil and water based paint. If in doubt, use a primer first.

Peeling paint from missing mist coat

2. Avoiding mist coating new plaster before adding a proper layer of paint. Mist coating might sound like something special but all it requires is to add 50% water to your first coat of paint. But why? It doesn't sound that important but be warned. Do not skip this step, as you will forever be plagued by peeling paint. Apply this extra "mist coat" to ensure you get good adhesion for future coats.

3.Lack of prep! So you've bought the paint, the brush and the roller is ready to go and now there's no stopping you! Well, just hang on for one second. Before you start applying the paint, look for any lumps, bumps or cracks in the wall and fix these first. Most fillers or caulks will be ready to paint within an hour and if you're putting all this effort into painting the room, you want it to look as good as it can be.

4.Poor quality paint. Please please please pay the extra £20-£30 and buy a quality trade paint. It will be easier to apply, look better and last longer. Forget you local DIY centre and go for a trade paint like Dulux, Crown or Johnstone's. Your local trade centre will give you great advice and better quality paint than what you buy in your local DIY store. Don't worry that you're not a trade customer. They are more than happy to serve members of the public.

5. Remove fittings! Whether it be a light switch or a light fitting, loosen the fitting and tape are it to make sure it stays clean during the painting process. Nothing looks worse than paint on fixtures and fittings. It also takes less time to paint one these things have been taken care of.

So when you can't put off decorating that room any longer and summon up the energy to dust off the paint brushes. Remember to take a little extra time at the start and get the perfect finish. Happy decorating.

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