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Coventry based painter and decorator with 5 star reviews can help you get the maximum potential from your home

So you're looking for a Coventry based painter and decorator but, you don't know who to trust? You want someone who is going to be friendly, trustworthy and leave a good end product but, how can you tell from a Facebook page or a small advert.

In this article we will look at some of the important things to consider, along with advice to get the best results.

Painting hand rail with a paint brush

Don't rush

If you're reading this, you've already considered the fact you want your home decorating. So whats the first piece of advice we can offer. Well firstly, our most important piece of advice is don't rush. The majority of good inters and decorators will have a long lead time. Why is this? Well "good things come to those who wait"! People are prepared to wait for a good service and a quality finish. You should be prepared for a wait also. Anywhere between 3-6 months is normal.

Painting Office

Do your research

Have looked at their website? Do they have a good number of 5 star reviews? Are they recommended from Facebook or similar social media. Do you homework and avoid someone who only decorates part time. They won't have the skills or detailed work ethic a decorator will have.

We would also recommend that you DO NOT judge them by their pictures. Pictures do not show the details of a good job. Reviews do!


Get more than one quote

Get three or four quotes when you're looking for a decorator but why do we recommend this? Well it's not for price. One key thing when looking to hire someone is do you like the person. You're letting this person into your home. Do you trust the person? We would also say to ignore the price as much as possible. Of course a decorator would say this but if you want a quality job, it takes longer and costs more unfortunately.

Talk paint

You need to ask which paint is used and that it's right for you and your home. We won't go into the details in this article but, are you prepared to pay extra for a durable paint, for instance in a hallway? Would you like a specialised paint in your living room. Discuss this during the quote process.

Types of paint

Discuss imperfections

There are many levels of imperfections in peoples homes. When you are talking to the decorator, highlight these imperfections and say you want them resolving during the painting process. It's an upfront way of working and will ensure you and your decorator are on the same page when they quote the job and before they start work.


Now you are armed with this information, go out and get those quotes! Talk to the decorators and ask for their opinions. Here at Pure Perfection Painters we try to go a step further and office advice on which types of paints to use along with advising on colours for similar projects, to give a better idea of the end product.

If you live in the wider Coventry area and would like a quote, Contact us and we will be more than happy to help.

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