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Top 5 things to consider when decorating your home

Things to consider when decorating your home and how to get the best transformation, without regrets.

Decorating. Removing tape.

When you're coming to re-decorate your home, it can be daunting to think about all the jobs which need doing and the order they need to be done in. What tends to happen is we deal with the big jobs first, only to run into problems along the way, which could have been avoided if we knew it had an impact further down the line.

In this article we will give you things to consider, to get the most out of your new space.

So, what's on the list then? Let's get started.

Tip #1 - Is this going to be a simple refresh or a full project?

This first thing to consider and you should already have a good idea about this is, are you just going to repaint the walls / ceiling and trim or, are you going to change carpets, doors, furniture. If you're going for a full project it can be worth consulting the trades early so everyone can come together and point out potential hurdles along the way.

Tip #2 - Fixtures and fittings

This usually doesn't get thought about until after the painting has been completed, but it can give real problems down the line. Imagine you paint the walls and your room is almost complete. Then you go shopping to find some fancy new light switches. The problem is the new light switches are smaller than the old ones. Also when you remove the old ones you notice the walls are damaged and need repairing. Not Good!

We strongly suggest you to get the fixtures and fittings changed before you re-paint the room to avoid mistakes like this.

Tip #3 - Flooring

It's common for people to think they should replace the floor after the walls are painting and most of the work has been completed, so not to damage the brand new floor and in some cases this is the best solution. In recent years tradesmen have become far more sympathetic with the way they work and take extra precautions not to damage your home when working.

We would suggest you think about having floors fitted towards the beginning of the project. If you are having a wood or laminate floor you could for instance have the skirting boards removed, have the floor fitted and replaced. This would remove the need for corner mouldings and have a much cleaner look in the room. Also carpets. When carpets are installed there is always damage to the skirting boards (especially on new paint). Why not have the carpets fitted first and have the skirting boards painted afterwards for a top finish?

Tip #4 - Plan ahead

If you are looking to work with quality companies and tradespeople then plan ahead. Most credible companies will have medium to long waiting times. There's a reason for this and a reason why people are willing to wait for the service. Plan ahead so not to be disappointed.

Tip #5 - Get Inspired

Dare to be different! Gone are the days of magnolia walls and white ceilings. Maybe try a bold blue on the walls? Maybe be wood panelling? Maybe a big chandelier? There is plenty of inspiration out there. Look around and don't be afraid in being bold. It is only a coat of paint to change if you don't like it.

Did you have everything considered?

We hope you had it all covered with everything we mentioned above. If so, that's great, you're well on the way to your next project. If you did forget something, hopefully we've saved you from some of those annoying little mistakes, like changing the light switches.

Remember re-decorating should be fun with big impact results. Enjoy and show show us how you get on. Happy decorating!

Finished room following decorating

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