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Should I get my room painted all white or will it feel like a hospital

Updated: Jan 24

Should I get my room painted all white or will it feel like a hospital, is a question we get asked a lot when selecting paint with our clients. It's a common misconception that an all white room can feel clinical and without character. Here at Pure Perfection Painters however we think that when a room is painted all white, it actually gives other opportunities to add pieces of decor and showcase features which would have otherwise not been possible. Below we will talk through some of the benefits.

White room

Blank canvas. If you're not sure which colour to paint a room then going to all white is the perfect starter colour. Begin with this but as a few months go by and you spend time in the space you may get inspiration to look at other colours. Maybe you will go with just one feature wall? If you're unsure then white is a great place to start, especially in a new home when it might take a few months to get a feel for the space.

White room with coloured decor

Options! If you're someone who like to change the feel of a room on a regular bases then all white is the perfect option. Rather than have colour in the walls, put colour in your furniture and soft finishings. You could try yellow cushions, maybe a bright coloured rug, maybe a statement light fitting. The options are endless and can be easily changed as the moods and season take you.

White room with coloured decor

Decorate with plants! We see a growing trend for homes incorporating lots of plants we we love this! Having the different shapes and textures in a home gives it, not only a warm feeling, but in our opinion a premium look, which enhances the feel of your space. Why not try adding some small plants on your window sills or maybe a bay tree in the corner of your living room! Go on, give it a try!!

White room with plants

Easy refresh. If you have a number of white rooms and you notice them looking at little tired. Maybe you have scuff marks in a high traffic area. If you paint the room white, you can save a little paint and make it easy for touchups down the line. We've done touchups on walls after 2 years and not been able to see the blend between the old paint and the new paint. Opposite to popular belief this makes it perfect for high traffic areas.

White room with plants

Have a look. Let us know what you think. Definitely add plants to your space and why not try a big tree in your living rooms. Remember nothing is permanent and you can always change something if you don't like it. Happy Decorating.!

Also see our clip on Youtube showing the things you can change in your home.

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