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How much does a painter and decorator cost in the UK?

If you're thinking of getting your home decorated but not sure how much a painter or decorator, we're here to go over some of the key points that will help you understand costs and why they might vary.


Factors for cost:

1, Preparation: One thing we always ensure at Pure Perfection Painters is to make sure the walls are as smooth and in as good condition as possible before we open a tin of paint. It is impossible to get a good finish without this initial step. This does add a little extra cost to the job but, we feel it is essential to give a long lasting and quality look to your newly decorated space.

2, Number of windows and doors: If your room has a large number of doors or windows then this will impact the price but, we do keep this to a minimum wherever possible.

3, Two-tone walls: Two-tone colour schemes do add time onto a job. To ensure there is no "bleeding" of one colour into another, we take extra steps to ensure a crisp edge guaranteed.

4, Multiple Rooms: Here's a cost-saving tip for homeowners. Instead of having one room painted now and another a few months down the line, consider having both done together. This not only saves you money but also transforms your home with two fresh paint jobs at the same time, enhancing its overall appeal.

5, Quality of paint: Good quality paint is essential for a good finish. This may seem obviously but we quite often have customers asking us to use the budget white "trade paint" to paint their home. Our advice is DON'T! It will take longer, require more coats and leave a less than desirable finish. Choose a reputable brand paints and overall this will save time and money. Not sure? Contact us and we can guide you through this part of the process.

6, Double height ceiling: Double height ceilings aren't too much of a problem but, if you're looking to have your ceiling white and a colour on the walls, this does add a little extra time and cost to the job.

Painting equipment

So how much am i actually going to pay you ask? Here at Pure Perfection Painters you can expect to pay around £175-£225 a day plus material. What does that mean for you? With wall prep, skirting boards, door frames, walls and ceiling for a medium size room you will be looking in the region of 2-3 days. This will leave your space feeling fresh and like new, taking away the stress of DIY and letting you sit back and enjoy!.

If you'd like a free quote contact us at Pure Perfection Painters and we'll be happy to help.

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