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Which Satinwood paint to use when re-decorating?

So you're re-decorating and you want to use Satinwood paint. The question is, which Satinwood paint from which supplier and where do you buy it? In this article we will point you in the right direction.

Bedec Satinwood Paint

So the first question, which Satinwood? We will actually throw a slight curveball into the mix and say, have you thought about whether you will go oil based or water based? There is currently a big move across to water based paints and we will only look at these in this article as oil based will soon be a thing of the past. The advantages for going down the water based route is,"whites stay brighter for longer" and also the cleanup is much much easier when finished with painting.

There is an important step, which gets missed by most DIY decorators when making the move across from oil to water based paint. Best practice is to add a primer coat before you add two coats of your Satinwood paint. This is to ensure the paint bonds to the surface of the oil based paint, rather than sitting on the surface.

So, which primer? We will keep this simple and recommend Zinsser BIN Aqua. It's ready available from most stores and rated good by a number of professional decorators.

So you have the primer. What about the actual Satinwood paint? We're only going to suggest two paints to keep it simple. One independent name and one brand name. This ensures availability, depending on your location.

The first suggestion is Bedec Advanced Aqua Satin. It's a trade quality paint which performs extremely well with great results.

The next paint which will be better known across DIY'ers is Johnstone's Trade Aqua Water Based Satin. A very well performing paint which is also a high quality trade paint.

Decorating Centre

Now the question is, where do you get these paints? You might struggle to get these paints from your local DIY store. We always recommend people to go to their local trade store. To mention a few national companies: Dulux Trade, Johnstone's Trade or, Brewers. But, you're not a professional decorator. How can you use these stores? Don't worry! These decorating centres see as many members of the public as they do trade, so this is not a problem. They are also great places for seeking advice, as they specialise in paints.

Key points. Use a water based paint for whites which stay brighter for longer. Use a primer first to ensure you don't have any adhesion issues and lastly, go to your local decorator centre to get these trade quality paints.

If you're still unsure with your next project, then contact us and we will be happy to assist and remember, happy decorating!

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