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Which paint to use for painting your skirting, stairs and balustrades.

With the plethora or paints now available to consumers, it's no wonder there is confusion as to which paint to use for which parts of the home. We've already done an article as to which emulsion paint to use when painting your ceiling and walls here. In this article we will look into which is the best paint to use on your skirtings, doors and balustrade and some of the common mistakes to avoid.

Painted skirting, doors and balustrade

Gloss Paint

Firstly, if you're looking to paint the wood in your home then you need a wood paint often referred to as "gloss" however, most people now generally use a satin finish paint. So the question is, which satin paint to use.

Water Based Wood Paint

A common mistake which people now make is not realising the switch the industry has made to water based paints. As a consumer it it might be a subtle change but be aware. Get this wrong and your newly painted home come see flaking paint in no time. The problem comes from older painting wood work in traditional oil based paint. Most people are un-aware that you cannot paint over oil based paint with a water based paint. If you do, the paint can peel and flake leaving you far from having the perfect finish.

So what can you do. If you are using a modern water based paint, then you will need to use a primer first. A specific primer for going over oil based paint. But don't be too concerned, we have another option.

Badly painted skirting boards- peeling paint

The Best Water Based Satin Wood Paint

There is a solution which is becoming very popular with painters and decorators around the UK and you too could benefit from this relatively new paint. The first thing to point out is, you will not find this at your local B&Q or Wickes, you will however have to go to your local Johnstones Trade Store. Don't be concerned though, they welcome members of the public as well as being a trade store. It's also a great place to get trade quality paints and expert advice.

Johnstones aqua guard satin

So, now you're at your local decorating centre which paint to go for? The paint in question is Johnstone's Aqua Guard Satin. This paint ticks every box as a decorator and you too can benefit from it in your home. It not only applies great, it's a durable paint AND it goes straight over oil based paint with no primer. It's the only paint you need for you interior wood work.


If you're looking for a hard wearing paint, ideal for skirting boards, doors and balustrade's then look no further than Johnstone's Aqua Guard Satin. It's great to work with and can be applied directly over oil based paint, taking away the problems which most consumers fall into when painting their home. Let us know how you get on for your next project.

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