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Which emulsion paint to use when painting the ceiling and walls in your home in the UK.

You're looking to decorate your home and seeing as you're putting in the time and effort you want to do a good job in the process but, you're asking yourself, which emulsion paint should you use when painting your home? Most people don't realise there are so many types of paint. Even when it comes to emulsion, there are many different manufacturers and quality available. Therefore in this article we'll look at the options and give you our thoughts on which paints offer the best value and performance.

Which Emulsion Paint?

Firstly we would always recommend a trade paint. Something like Crown, Johnstones, Dulux or similar. But why it this? A trade paint will cover better, be easier to use, last longer and will usually require less coats (2 instead of 3 in most cases). So apart from a little extra cost, the time and quality is well worth paying a little extra.

Trade Paint

But what is trade paint? Dulux, for instance, will have a range of paint in B&Q (with the dog on the front). This is a customer paint and usually not the quality of a trade paint. A trade paint is a higher quality which painters and decorator would use if they decorated your home and you can purchase this from your local Dulux decorating centre for instance. Don't worry that you're not a painter and decorator. Members of the public are more than welcome in the decorating centres. You'll also get specific advice from the professionals, so next time you're thinking of painting, take a look to see where you local trade decorating centre is located.

Dulux Durable Paint - Diamond Matt

Matt or Silk Paint?

Nowadays 99% of people go for matt paint when decorating their home. We do see alot of confusion however over silk and durable paint. People think they need to use silk paint for bathrooms for instance, where they need a durable paint. With the more modern paints on the market this is no longer the case. All manufactures now have a durable matt paint. You have Johnstones Acrylic Durable Matt or Dulux Diamond Matt for instance which are two good paints i've used a number of times personally. These are "scrubbable" and hard wearing and we have a specific article on durable paint here.

Johnstones durable matt

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