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Which brushes, rollers and tools to buy when painting your home. Specifically for UK residents.

Starting a new painting project and unsure which brushes, rollers, and other equipment to buy? You want good quality but don't want to overspend for just one or two rooms. In this guide, we'll share our top recommendations for value painting equipment to help you achieve a professional finish without breaking the bank.


When it comes to brushes, the variety can be overwhelming. We've focused on versatile, general-purpose brushes that deliver great results for most applications.

Axus brush set

Axus Decor Pro 5 Brush Set

The Axus Decor Pro Set includes 1.5" and 2" brushes, perfect for both glossing and cutting in walls and ceilings. These brushes offer excellent quality at a reasonable price, making them a staple for DIY enthusiasts. We use these brushes ourselves because they offer unbeatable value.

Hamilton Cutting in Brush 2"

Hamilton 2" Cutting In Brush

For painting ceilings and walls, the Hamilton 2" cutting in brush is a must-have. Priced at just £4, it holds a lot of paint and its stubby design helps you achieve straight lines effortlessly. Give it a try and see the difference it makes.

Arroworthy Classic Brush Set

For those willing to invest a bit more, the Arroworthy brush set is a fantastic choice. Priced around £22 for three brushes, this set includes 1.5", 2", and 2.5" brushes, ideal for both glossing and cutting in. The precision of Arroworthy brushes will help you achieve a superior finish.


Investing a bit more in a quality roller and frame can significantly improve your painting experience and results. Here are our top picks:

Purdy roller frame and purdy sleeves

Purdy Revolution Frame

A strong and reliable option, the Purdy Revolution Frame is reasonably priced at around £19. It's perfect for most painting tasks. The only drawback is the screw connection for the pole, which can occasionally loosen. For a more secure option, we recommend the Wooster Sherlock roller frame, although it may be harder to find.

Hamilton Perfection Sleeves

The Hamilton Perfection roller sleeves are highly rated by many decorators. A medium pile sleeve is great for general use, while a long pile sleeve is better for larger areas as it holds more paint and still delivers a smooth finish.

Purdy Colossus 1/2" Nap

Another excellent choice, the Purdy Colossus roller sleeve is well-regarded for its quality and performance.

General Equipment

Paint Scuttle (Roller Tray)

Forget traditional roller trays and opt for a paint scuttle. Easier to use and with a lid to keep paint fresh longer, a scuttle is a practical addition to your painting toolkit.

Paint scuttle

Long Reach Mini Rollers

Essential for hard-to-reach areas like behind radiators, a long reach mini roller is a handy tool to have.

Plastic Backed Dust Sheets

These dust sheets provide extra protection by preventing paint from bleeding through. Available from most retailers, they offer peace of mind during your project.

Step Up Platforms

Ideal for reaching lights and cutting in around the top of walls, these platforms offer stability and a decent working area. They're affordable and widely available.

Painter's Tool

A versatile tool every decorator needs, it can open paint tins, scrape walls, apply filler, and even act as a screwdriver or scraper. Here's a link to a low-cost option.

Painters tool

We won't cover paint in this article as he have covered it in various articles previously like here. If you'd like to read similar posts then click here for similar articles and click here for our website.


Choosing the right painting equipment doesn't have to be expensive or complicated. With our recommended brushes, rollers, and general equipment, you can achieve a professional finish on your project without overspending. Happy painting!

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