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Top 5 ways to make your home DIY painting easier

Updated: Jan 18

Painted Bedroom

Here at Pure Perfection Painters we've used a number of paints, products and techniques when painting peoples homes. Over the years we've learned what makes our job easier and what leaves a better end result for the customer. We thought we'd share some of these experiences to you to make your home DIY painting project easier the next time you come to paint your home.

  1. Good paint! Having a reasonable priced paint will help with every aspect of painting your home. Yes it costs a little more but if you use a brand like Dulux, Crown or Johnstone's to name a few, you'll be helping yourself from the start. It will go on the walls with less effort, leave a better finish and most importantly of all take less coats. Thats a win all round in our books!

  2. Preperation. We've all seen marks on the walls and thought an extra coat or two will cover it, only to find after 5 coats you can still see the marks. We highly recommend filling all the tiny blemishes before you paint and also sanding the walls between coats, to ensure you leave your walls looking in tip top condition.

  3. Good quality roller. Even if you only plan to paint one room, get. agood quality roller and sleeve. It makes your life easier and they will always be there for you next project.

  4. Paint the skirting boards too! If you're going through the process of apinting your walls you have to paint your skirting boards too (in our opinion). If you really want fresh new room feeling you wont be dissapointed for the small amount of extra work. Also, the new water based paints for skirting boards make the job so much easier.

Painted Skirting Boards

5. Cutting in. The one area you will notice your paint fading first is in the corners of your walls. Thats why we recommend using a healthy layer of paint when cutting in and making sure the width of your cutting in is around 15cm wide to get a good blend between the roller and brush. This ensure your paint work stays looking good for longer.

Above are some of our key points for you to paint your rooms at home. If you want any help support or advice, contact us and we will be happy to help you along the process. Happy painting!

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