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Should you paint your skirting boards the same colour as your walls.

In 2023, we've seen a surge in new paint styles and innovative painting trends. Homeowners are now seeking more than traditional magnolia walls, and paint companies have responded to this growing demand. The advantage of this trend are in the advancement of paint technology, unlocks exciting design possibilities.

Colour painting skirting boards

One notable design trend is the concept of painting skirting boards in the same colour as your walls. The era of mundane matte white skirting boards has given way to a vibrant rich colors such as black, green, or blue, offering stunning contrasts and harmony to your home's interior.

Beyond aesthetics, this trend offers some other advantages. Skirting boards painted in the same color as the walls visually extend the height of the room, making it appear more spacious and airy. The absence of a white border at the base of your walls creates a smooth transition that oozes quality and sophistication.

If you're considering painting your skirting boards, we strongly advise using premium brands of combined wall and wood paint for the best results. Standard emulsion paint isn't designed for woodwork and may not provide the necessary adhesion. To achieve a professional finish, we also recommend applying a wood primer before using wall and wood paint. This not only enhances adhesion but also ensures a flawless and durable outcome for your project.

If the above seems like a challenging undertaking, don't hesitate to reach out to your local painter and decorator. They'll be delighted to help turn your vision into a stunning reality.

Decorated bedroom with colour painting skirting boards

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