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How much and how long to paint an office or commercial space in the UK?

When most people think about painting and decorating they think about residential spaces, having a bedroom or living room re-decorated for instance. But the question is what about office and commercial spaces? Do the same rules apply when decorating a commercial space or, do things work a little differently. This is why we are going to explore how much, how long and other considerations to take when decorating an office or commercial space in the UK.

Office meeting room

How long to paint an office?

The first question which comes to mind is how big is the office? Actually there is a different question which should come first. How much disruption will be caused? At Pure Perfection Painters we like to look at the project in the eyes of the customer and when it comes to commercial work, then customer disruption and downtime should be kept to a minimum. This is why whenever we quote commercial work we always offer to work evenings, weekends or bank holidays. This helps us get the job done quicker with less interruptions and also the customer see less impact to their daily routine.

But how long?

For a small office seating 4-6 people you would typically expect this to take 1-2 days depending on the amount of doors / windows / skirting and obstacles to work around.

What becomes interesting are the larger offices. With larger offices we have the ability to use the latest paint spraying equipment. What this allows us to do is cover much larger areas in a reduced time. A popular service with our commercial clients is for ourselves to work over a weekend or a bank holiday when the office is free from workers. We then clear the space and paint spray the entire office. Then when Monday comes a freshly decorated office is waiting the employees with very little impact on their day.

Large office painted white

How much to paint an office?

So this really is a "how long is a piece of string" kind of question. What we can do is give you some examples. Firstly we always quote a fully inclusive price. This means all labour, materials and paint is included in the price. So for a small office with around 4-6 people we would expect this to be in the region of £500 including all materials. This would be including painting wood work and doors.

Now for larger offices it can be difficult to estimate but we will try our best. A large meeting room would be approximately £750 whereas a large open plan office with the ability to seat 20 people could be £1500. The other layer of complexity is the height of the spaces. Some more modern offices now have high ceilings and walls. This could very easily double the prices depending on the accessibility.

Modern painted office empty

We want our office or commercial space painting but we're not sure of the price?

If this is the case then you can contact us or your local painting and decorating company. Any company will be happy to quote you a price. What is important is to set out from the start any challenges like peoples working hours / timeframe / access issues etc, to ensure you and your contractor are on the same page.

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