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How much and how long to paint a house in the UK? Your questions answered.

A common question we get asked is how much or how long to paint a house? Now obviously this is a "how long is a piece of string" type of question however, in this article we will give you some of the things to consider, along with guides for timings and costs.

A house

Type of homes for painting

The type of home has a big impact on timings and pricing. Obviously a small 2 bed home is going to be less than a large, 3 storey, 4 bed home. For the sake of this article we will focus on a typical 3 bed semi detached house and you can use this as a guide for your home.

Is the home empty?

A decorator will complete the task of decorating much quicker if there is no furniture to decorate around. The time saved is more than you think. This comes into play more and more as more landlords are looking to get their rental properties refreshed between tenants.

Just ceiling and walls?

You will save around 30-40% of the time and cost of redecorating, if you only have your ceilings and alls redecorated. The skirting and doors might not seem much but, they are time consuming and take a long time too dry. This adds time into the job which subsequently leads to higher prices.

Walls and ceiling painted different colours.

Skirting and doors but leave the balustrade?

The balustrade is another time consuming job. You could take anywhere from 1-3 days for a balustrade. Something worth considering!


With modern painting techniques, it is a lot quicker if you paint the ceilings and walls all white. Why is this? Now more and more decorators are paint spraying, it means the time taken to spray a room is greatly reduced if the ceiling and walls are the same colour.

All white room painted

Quality and expertise

Many people can paint, but there are much fewer decorators. If you want your home painted with care, then hire a professional decorator (not a handy man). They will ensure the correct process is followed, along with the correct paints, ensuring you new room stays looking brighter for longer! You'll save the money in the long term!

Durable paint?

Are you having your rental property re-painted and looking for a cheap refresh. Another option is to pay more and use a durable paint which lasts. Durable paints are much more scuff resistant and cant actually be scrubbed with a wet sponge to clean. Something worth considering. Especially in certain areas.

So how long to paint a house?

For an empty 3 bed home for ceilings and walls being painted you can expect to need anywhere between 7-10 working days. Now obviously this increases with complexity and if there is someone living at the property while the redecoration works are taking place.

If you were to included skirting boards and doors, then you can add on an extra 2-4 days for this.

Home being redecorated

How much to paint a house?

For an empty 3 bed home for ceilings and walls being painted you can expect to pay anywhere between £1700 to £2200 excluding paint. Adding the wood would be another £400 - £1000. If you're looking to use durable paint, on average this will be around 50% - 100% more for the paint.

How much is the paint likely to be? A very approximate figure for paint would be around £250. If you are painting an entire home at the same time, we would recommend keeping the colour scheme simple, rather than a different colour for each room. It is also currently on trend to only have 2 or 3 different colours throughout a home.


There are a number of factors which can influence the cost and timescale of redecorating an entire home. Give your decorator plenty of warming and talk through the various options at the start, so they can give you an accurate and competitive quote that works for the both of you.

If you would like more information you can contact us for any advice required.

Also if you live in the wider Coventry area, contact us for a quote.

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