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How much and how long to paint a Hall Stairs and Landing in the UK? Your questions Answered.

Updated: Mar 18

Among the spaces in our homes, there's one area that receives special attention in terms of decoration: the Hall, Stairs, and Landing. But what makes this space stand out? Well, it's undeniably challenging for homeowners and often demands a significant amount of time to beautify. Indeed, it's arguably the most intricate space to decorate within a home. In this article, we'll delve into some common questions and shed light on the time and cost considerations involved in redecorating this crucial area of your home.

Hall Stairs and Landing

Walls and Ceiling Painting

Let's talk about the most standard type first of all. A typical 3 bedroom home with spindles going up the stairs but thats all. The first factor we need to cover is of course how much are we decorating. So let's start with walls and ceiling only. Again for a typical house, if there is such a thing as a typical house. So for walls and ceilings you would be expecting to take around 2 days.

Hall, Stairs and Landing Painting

Painting Woodwork

Now this doesn't include the doors or skirting. This is where the time ads up!

Painting the woodwork ads on a significant amount of time for a hall stairs and landing. For a start you can have anywhere between 6 and 12 doors and door frames to paint. Then there is the length of skirting boards downstairs and up. For this you are looking at another 1.5 to 2 days, approximately.

Painting Hall Stairs and Landing


Then there is the Balustrade. This one item alone can have a dramatic affect on time and of course price. For a simple Balustrade you would be looking at 1 day where a more complex one could be 2 days. If you would like a black handrail this will add half a day at minimum.

Painting Hall Stairs and Landing, 3 storey house UK

Types of Home

So we've talked about the types of work required. What about the types of home? This is difficult to discuss or put a time against but we can give you examples. We're discussing a standard type of home. The latest trend in the UK are 3 storey houses. This adds extra layer of work involved. Spindles! Although the walls and ceiling can be easier to decorate for a Hall Stairs and Landing in a 3 storey house, the one draw back are the number of spindles in the Balustrade. There are new modern techniques which help with this though! Paint Spraying! Rather than painting each spindle individually we can spray the spindles saving a good amount of time. Especially where there are a large number of spindles. This also gives the benefit from the large number of doors also. While we spray the balustrade, we have the ability to spray the doors, therefore offering a superior finish for the same or actually reduced price in some circumstances.


In conclusion, the duration and cost of decorating a hall, stairs, and landing vary depending on several factors. While we've covered the timeframes, the question of pricing remains elusive due to the myriad of variables involved. Typically, a basic HSL redecoration, encompassing walls, ceilings, woodwork, and doors but excluding the balustrade, ranges from £800 including paint and materials and increases with the amount of work required. Integrating the balustrade could increase the cost to £1000+, based on a standard home configuration.

However, delving into additional customisation options introduces countless permutations, making it impractical to provide a definitive price range. Nevertheless, armed with the insights offered in this article, you now possess a solid foundation to gauge and shape your renovation aspirations, enabling you to navigate the complexities of cost estimation with greater confidence.

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