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Does your new home suffer from Plaster Tape Peel?

Example of plaster tape peel

Plaster Tape Peel is something we come across regularly when decorating new homes. Especially with the new trend of 3 storey house, where there is living space in the roof of the house. Here at Pure Perfection Painters we see numerous ways homeowners try to fix this problem however, there is no quick fix in the situation and we recommend speaking to a professional tradesperson to assist.

So what causes this to happen in the first place?

There are two main factors to do with Plaster Tape Peel and cracking plaster work. The first being the natural settling of the house. Unfortunately when a house is completed, not all walls settle at the same rate. This can cause two walls to shift slightly which caused the tape and plaster to crease and peel.

The second factor is heat. As houses expand and contact with the heat, this puts stress on joins as as mentioned above. Not all walls expand and contract at the same rate. This again can cause cracks to form in plasterwork, which will only get larger after time.

Repairing plaster tape peel

So what is the solution?

The solution sounds drastic but is actually relatively straight forward for a professional tradesperson. If the plaster tape is cracked or bubbling there is only one thing to do. This is remove the old tape and surrounding plaster. Re-instal the tape and re-plaster the area. As mentioned this does sound drastic although, this shouldn't take more than one day to complete the work. When carrying out the repair an extra flexible plaster is used to help combat this issue happening again in the future.

Following the repair, any evidence of cracking or peeling is completely removed, ensuring a clean new finish for when you come to re-decorate. If you are experiencing any of the issues mentioned above, contact us and we can assist you with this repair.

Finished repair of plaster tape peel

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