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Why go for a water-based paint when painting your interior wood.

Updated: Jan 17

The new eco-friendly movement sweeping across the UK's home improvement market! We're looking into the increasingly popular use of water-based paints for wood projects, unveiling the key reasons why people are opting for a greener, healthier painting solution.

Water based paint skirting board

1. Eco-Friendly:

The environmental advantages that water-based paints bring to the table. With significantly lower levels of volatile organic compounds (VOCs), these paints offer a sustainable alternative.

2. Swift Drying, Low Odour:

The time-saving benefits of water-based paints with their rapid drying times. Say goodbye to long waiting times between coats, and notice how the low odor enhances the overall painting experience, making it more enjoyable.

3. Enduring Excellence:

Misconceptions around the durability of water-based paints. Modern formulations have evolved to deliver excellent adhesion, coverage. Discover how water-based paints now rival and, in some cases, surpass their oil-based counterparts in longevity. Gone are the days of seeing your doors and trim turn yellow over the years.

4. Easy Clean-Up:

The simplicity of clean-up with water-based paints, requiring only soap and water. This user-friendly feature reduces reliance on harsh chemical solvents. An enticing proposition for DIY enthusiasts and professionals seeking efficiency. This also helps if any paint gets accidently spilled onto a surface. A simple wipe with warm water and the excess paint is gone.

water based paint skirting board and paint tin

It's obvious that this trend is more than a fad —it's a deliberate choice towards a sustainable, efficient approach by manufacturers and consumers alike. Advancements in technology coupled with the environmental savings, propel water-based paints beyond expectations, demonstrating that they're not just a match but a superior option to traditional paints.

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