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Painting a Room Green, Decorating Ideas

Dark Green Living Room

You've seen the new trendy green colours and you're thinking of taking the plunge and decorate a room in your home but you're unsure which room to decorate and which shade of green to go for. We're going to give you some room ideas to help you along the way.

Light Green Living Room

We're not here to discuss brands and their specific paint names. We're here to give you room ideas and give you courage to take the plunge and go green!

Light Green Living Room

There is also the point that nowadays, most brands will colour match (tint) your paint to whatever colour or shade you desire. This always for endless opportunities. The hard part is deciding the shade in the first please.

Dark Green Bedroom

So is it a living room or a bedroom you're looking to re-decorate? We think dark greens look especially good in bedrooms.

Dark Green Bedroom

Maybe you're thinking about painting your living room green. We think the lighter shades go especially well when it comes to decorate your living room green.

Green Living Room

We hope we've given you some ideas before you head out to your nearest decorating centre and you now should know what you do or do not like. Also always remember. It's only paint, you can always paint it again if you don't like it!

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