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Paint Colour Trends in 2024 For Your Home

Paint Trends 2024

Decorating and paint trends for 2024 look set to be a continuation of what we have seen in 2023 with more deep Blues, Natural Tones and gentle shades.

When it comes to bold colour, it’s all about luxe greens, inky blues and berry reds, giving rooms calm, relaxing and natural feeling spaces. The art of ‘Colour-blocking’, remains a popular choice to create eye-catching interiors.

And of course nature continues to be an inspiration when it comes to a more neutral palette. Colours found in the great outdoors will definitely be taking us through the next year of decorating.

Follow our guide below to get clued up on all the key paint trends for 2024.

Inky blues

2024 Colour Trend Inky Blue

The popularity for deep Blue's doesn't seem to be going anywhere, but this year we see dark blues tipping over into a more regal shades. Think deep oceanic tones and try using them in an immersive way, by matching the colour on furniture and fabrics too.

Alternatively, blue hues sit particularly well together and can offer great scope for pattern mixing, so in a living room try combining plain Inky blue walls with indigo striped curtains and cobalt patterned cushions.

Primary Colours

2024 Colour Trend Primary Colours

Take inspiration from colour-blocking, still found to be popular in the fashion world, and think about dressing your kitchen like you would pull an outfit together! One colour for the top and another for the bottom, with a little injection of colour for accessories - like this pop of yellow.

You can achieve by using two colours on one wall – easy if you have panelling or a dado rail, but if not then arm yourself with masking tape and just paint the bottom third of the wall in one colour and the top in another.

3. Neutral Tones

2024 Colour Trend Natural Tones

You certainly can’t scroll through Instagram without seeing hundreds of living rooms in these rich neutrals and now these tones are moving into kitchens and bathrooms too. Richer, mood-setting colours are being used to great effect in combination across woodwork, cabinetry and walls.'

‘Mink’ is a wonderfully versatile, warm, pink-based neutral that adds depth and warmth to kitchen walls. Pair with the enigmatic, deep red-brown ‘Scarlet ‘n’ Rust’ for a sophisticated, timeless scheme.’


Individuality and creativity are key to making our homes feel personal to us and alongside our need for sustainability we will be seeing more upcycling and more make-do-and-mend than ever. And what better way to create an inexpensive focal point, than to paint your very own mural, that is sure to be a talking point for visitors.

Using pastel hues can help fill the room with uplifting energy and help boost and invigorate a space. To stop the scheme looking too saccharin, choose soft pinks, mustard yellows and dusky teals, in place of purer more white based shades. The beauty of pastels is that they are a great middle-ground between dark paint colors and subtle neutrals.

Extended Ceiling and Skirting

2024 Colour Trends Extended Ceilings

The trend for painted ceilings has been made popular and the trend seems to be continuing into 2024, this time with some serious pops of colour. So if your ceilings feel too low and cramped, or too high and lofty, then painting them can adjust the vibe.

To bring the ceiling height down, try continuing the paint from the ceiling down onto the walls, this will help blur the lines between the wall and the ceiling surfaces. It can also provide interest to a space without any architectural details.

There isn’t a colour more optimistic or feel-good than yellow. It brings in an instant dose of sunshine and works particularly well on a ceiling as it replicates bright, sunny light in rooms that may lack it.

2024 is certainly the year for homeliness and calm which is potentially a carry over from so much time in our homes over the last 4 years, which has seen a shift in our living habits. We hope this have given you the inspiration for decorating your space and inspired you to create your own natural oasis.

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