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How to Prepare Your Home for Decorating: Essential Tips for a Smooth Experience

Updated: Jun 7

So you've booked a decorator and the big day is approaching. Did you know there are several important steps to take before your decorator arrives? In this article, we’ll explore key preparations to ensure a seamless and efficient decorating process.

Room before decorating

Discuss All Work in Advance

While most work details should be addressed during the quoting stage, it’s crucial to revisit any additional tasks or clarifications well before the appointment. This ensures the decorator has ample time to accommodate the extra work. Small tasks like filling holes from electrical work or painting skirting boards can significantly impact the schedule. For instance, large holes require 2-3 hours for filler to dry, and skirting boards need multiple coats with 4-hour drying times in between, potentially adding an extra day to the project. Highlight these needs as early as possible to avoid delays.

Clear the Room

The quality and speed of the decorating work can be greatly affected by cluttered rooms. Remove all furniture, blinds, and gym equipment to provide easy access to all areas. Don’t assume the decorators will move heavy items; they often work alone and risk injury. Moving furniture themselves could lead to delays if they get hurt. Additionally, if you leave picture hooks in the walls, decorators will assume you plan to re-hang pictures and won’t remove the hooks or fill the holes unless instructed otherwise.

Decorating Multiple Rooms

If you’re having multiple rooms decorated, consider having two rooms painted simultaneously. This strategy can shorten the overall decorating time and reduce disruption, provided there’s enough space for storage. It’s particularly beneficial for tasks like painting doors and skirting boards, which have long drying times. By working on multiple rooms, decorators can avoid idle time and maintain a steady workflow.

Room protected ready for painting

Protecting Your Possessions

Homeowners frequently ask whether they need to supply dust sheets or protect their furnishings. The answer is no. Professional decorators like Pure Perfection Painters provide all necessary protective materials to safeguard your floors, furniture, and other possessions from any potential mess or damage. We strive to minimize disruption and maintain a clean working environment.

Room protected ready for painting

Managing Disruption

While some disruption is inevitable during redecoration, Pure Perfection Painters aims to keep it to a minimum. We strive to complete areas within 1-2 days and only leave areas messy overnight if they won't be used. Any potential disruptions are discussed with the customer in advance to ensure a smooth experience.

By following these preparation tips, you can help ensure your decorating project goes off without a hitch. Discuss all details ahead of time, prepare your space, and then sit back, relax, and watch your new space come to life.

Room after painting and decorating

By optimising your preparations, you contribute to a smoother decorating process, ensuring a successful transformation of your home. See our tips & tricks section for more help and advice.

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