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How to paint like a professional. Your guide to a pro paint job.

You've seen the Instagram and TikTok reels showcasing beautifully decorated homes, and you wonder why your own efforts don't look quite as professional. In this article, we'll explore why your decorating might not be up to par and how you can improve for your next project.

Room painted in bold colour

Be Bold!

If you want to make a statement, skip the white paint. Opt for bold colours like dark green or navy blue. Instead of just doing a feature wall, consider painting the entire room in one striking colour. You could even paint the skirting boards the same colour for a cohesive look.

Preparation before painting

Preparation is Key

One thing is certain: you won't achieve a professional finish without smooth walls. Professional painters and decorators often spend half a day preparing a room to ensure a perfect foundation. Remove all imperfections from the walls to create a smooth surface before you even open a tin of paint.

Good quality paint

Invest in Good Quality Paint

Whether you're a professional decorator or a first-time DIY'er, using high-quality paint is crucial for a good finish. For the best results, we recommend Dulux Heritage or Tikkurilla Optiva 5, both top-rated in the trade for their finish and durability. If these are out of your budget, Dulux Trade Vinyl Matt is a great option, though slightly less durable.

Paint Roller

Choose the Right Rollers and Brushes

While good paint can help minimise brush strokes and roller marks, using high-quality rollers and brushes will make the painting process easier and more enjoyable. We recommend Wooster, Purdy, and Hamilton brushes and rollers for a professional finish.

Patience and Attention to Detail

Details are key when it comes to decorating. Tape off or remove plug sockets, take your time to paint clean lines, and remember that everyone will notice your cutting in. Don't rush; step back and be willing to go over areas two or three times to ensure a perfect finish.

Good quality painted room


The key to a successful paint job is preparation. By following these steps, you can achieve a finish that looks like it was done by a professional decorator. Happy painting!

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