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Is it quicker to use a paint sprayer to paint a room and should I buy one?

Updated: Jun 3

So you've seen the videos of people paint spraying a room and you're asking yourself should you buy a paint sprayer for your next project? You've seen people spraying an entire room in a matter of minutes and it looks so easy but, whats the catch?

Here at Pure Perfection Painters we've finished a large number of project with both paint spraying and roller-ing and we'll share some of our thoughts so you have the full picture before you consider taking the plunge into paint spraying.

Paint with a paint sprayer

Masking Masking Masking

The first point we need to cover is masking. If you're looking to use a paint sprayer to paint a room you will need to mask EVERYTHING! The carpets, the windows, the light switches, the plug and light sockets, the skirting boards and the doors. Using a paint sprayer is only 5% of the job. Masking is the other 95% which puts a different mindset to the task.

Masking for paint spraying

Paint Colour

One benefit of the modern trend of going all white in a room is that this is ideal for paint spraying. If you're looking to paint your ceilings and walls white then this is a big tick in the box for paint spraying. Less masking, less cleaning the machine and a much simpler process. You can simply spray all the walls and ceiling at the same time making it much more straight forward.

Pant spraying an all white room

Room Type

Some rooms are better suited for spraying. If you have a large room, or a room with lots of corners and alcoves, then this makes it easier for spraying. Also rooms with a minimal number of doors and windows are also well suited, as they cut down on the amount of masking.

Paint spraying a difficult room

Machine use

Are you technically minded and know how machines work? If the answer is yes then carry on looking at the paint spraying route. There is a lot to learn in terms of the machine and if you're not mechanically minded, then forget about using a paint sprayer and stick to a brush and roller.

Setting up a paint sprayer

What can paint sprayer be used on?

You can paint most things in your home when it comes to paint spraying. Ceilings / walls / skirting / doors / radiators. The only thing we would say to avoid using a paint sprayer on would be composite doors or uPVC windows. These require a different type of machine and a different technique which we'll discuss in another article.


If you have one or two rooms you're looking to decorate in a colour, then we would recommend you stick to the good old fashioned brush and roller. It will take you the same time or you'll be even quicker with a roller.

However, if you have multiple large rooms and your painting them all white, then a paint sprayer is definitely for you. It will be quicker and more fun using your new toy.

Remember mask everything, leave nothing to chance and make sure you have a mask and glasses while operating the machines.

If you have any specific questions you'd like answering then contact us or see more example in our gallery here.

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