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Common Factors that Might Hinder Achieving the "Perfect" Paint Finish, when Decorating Your Home

Our foremost objective is to consistently achieve impeccable results when enhancing the aesthetics of our clients' homes. However, we acknowledge and openly address certain challenges that may arise during the decorating process, hindering the attainment of a flawless finish. In an effort to be transparent with our valued customers, we have compiled this article to elucidate some of the common obstacles we encounter.

Flaking Paint

Flaking Paint:

The most prevalent issue we face, and undeniably one of the most formidable to fully rectify, is flaking paint. This predicament typically arises when painting directly over bare plaster without the application of a crucial "mist coat." A mist coat involves diluting the paint by 50%, allowing the bare plaster to absorb the extra moisture, thereby establishing a stable surface for subsequent layers of paint to adhere to.

The challenges here are twofold. Firstly, addressing flaking paint necessitates meticulous scraping and sanding to seamlessly blend affected areas. Secondly, the subsequent paint application is inevitably prone to vulnerability, whether from impacts, knocks, or even our own painting process when using tape.

Bad condition plaster

Bad Condition Plaster or Woodwork:

When undertaking a home decoration project, we conduct a thorough assessment and repair of specific areas with damage, such as nail holes, dents, or cracks. While we strive to eliminate any evidence of damage, repairing entire walls with deteriorating plaster or skirting boards riddled with numerous dents proves challenging.

Our guiding principle in such situations is to "make it better than we found it." We meticulously address problematic areas, attempting to seamlessly blend out damage, and may even employ different paint to mitigate imperfections in the plaster. While achieving perfection might be elusive, our approach accommodates diverse budgets and acknowledges that not everyone demands absolute flawlessness.

Different colour doors

Effects of Painting Over Dark Paint:

Occasionally, we encounter rooms featuring a dark grey or nearly black feature wall, or homes where doors exhibit a mix of charcoal and white doors. Unfortunately, regardless of the number of paint coats applied, sunlight exposure reveals a persistent "tint" to the colour. This becomes especially noticeable when painting over an accent wall or transitioning from doors painted charcoal to an all-white palette, where the underlying dark foundation imparts a distinct "hue" to the overall appearance of the previously painted charcoal colour doors.

Cracks in walls


In virtually every home, the presence of cracks is an all-too-familiar occurrence. The myriad reasons behind these cracks—numbering a staggering 101—are diverse and complex, a topic we won't delve into here. At Pure Perfection Painters, our approach to addressing cracks is grounded in our pursuit of excellence.

When faced with small to medium cracks, our team excels in the delicate art of repair, aiming to make them disappear or minimise their visibility as much as possible. While our goal is to achieve perfection, it's essential to acknowledge the inherent challenge: some cracks may remain forever concealed, while others might resurface over time. Unfortunately, even the extensive measure of re-plastering does not guarantee a 100% elimination of cracks. Despite these complexities, our commitment to delivering top-notch results persists unwaveringly.

Steps we take to improve your homes aesthetics

We have spent far too long focussing on the negatives! Now let's concentrate on the steps we take to leave your home with a perfect finish.

First and foremost, our commitment begins with selecting paints that strike the perfect balance between quality, cost-effectiveness, and durability tailored to each customer's needs. Over time, we've gained valuable insights on the decorating journey, identifying products that consistently outshine others. Whether it's choosing the right emulsion for walls or selecting the ideal gloss for skirtings, we meticulously opt for products that enhance the visual appeal of your home and ensure long-lasting results.

The process itself is an integral part of our approach. The traditional method of painting a room from the ceiling down has evolved with the advent of water-based paints and advanced paint spraying equipment. Each decorator brings a unique perspective to the process, customizing it for every room. While the optimal approach may vary for each situation, rest assured that our team carefully deliberates on the best process before even opening the first tin of paint. Our goal is to not only meet but exceed your expectations, leaving your home looking its absolute best for an extended period.

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